About Me

TL;DR: Caffeine-dependent indoor enthusiast; SQL Server DBA and blogger. Mostly quiet, punctuated by bursts of intense oddness.

My name is Frank Figearo and I’m currently employed by BBA Aviation as a Senior SQL Server Database Administrator. I’ve been a DBA for over a dozen years now and I worked as an application developer for a decade before that. It’s my job to help others do their jobs by ensuring that the business’s data is available to those who need it, secure from those who don’t, and protected from calamities like hardware failure, missing WHERE clauses, rain, snow, and gloom of night.

The SQL Nerd and Friend

The SQL Nerd (R) and Friend

Database administrators are industriously lazy. I’ll happily spend hours today building a tool that will save me time or reduce my frustration tomorrow. I want to build a platform to document and share those tools with others, discuss things I find interesting and problems I’ve encountered, and connect with my peers in the SQL community. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

In my off-work time I enjoy watching bad disaster movies, reading good sci-fi, and spending time with my family. I’m also fond of good coffee, fruity gadgets, certain prime numbers and many powers of two.

You can contact me by email at frank@sqlnerd.me or on Twitter as @SQL_Nerd.